Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals at St John’s

From the earliest times, men and women have wanted to mark the most important events in their lives with a religious ceremony.  Our church and church community is always ready to help you celebrate the birth of your child, solemnize your marriage or commend those you have loved to the eternal light and mercy of God.  

BAPTISM (Christening) is a bringing of your child into the Christian community, affirming your own faith in God 

and your desire to bring your child up in the Christian faith.  The water of baptism, which is sprinkled on a child’s head is a sign of cleansing and new life, given to us by Jesus Christ.   In the United Reformed Church, baptisms are celebrated with the whole congregation present, promising that they will play their part in providing a safe and welcoming community in which your child can grow and explore the Christian faith for themselves.
Some parents prefer a service of Dedication, in which they state their beliefs and promise to bring their child up within the Christian community but they want their child to be able to decide about baptism for themselves when they are older.  
And some parents want to offer thanks for the gift of their child but do not feel able to make statements of faith or promises of Christian upbringing, so ask for a Service of Thanksgiving and Blessing.

All of these celebrations take place within our regular Family Service at 10:30am on Sundays.

We try to do our best to keep the promises we make by:

  • remembering each child in our prayers on a regular basis
  • providing groups for learning about the Christian faith in age appropriate ways on Sundays eg TGIS, Sunday Fun Club, The Place
  • by inviting all the families to all our special events for children and young people eg Family Christmas and Easter Parties


Our church is registered for marriages of men and women. The URC believes that marriage is a gift and calling of God and, as part of the preparation for this, the minister will explore what this means in practice with the couple wishing to be married.

Men and women living in the local area may be married at St John’s Church. Please check with the Bromley Registrar’s Office of Births, Deaths and Marriages that you fulfill the necessary requirements of residence.

If, for some reason, you are not eligible for a legal ceremony of marriage in our church then we also offer a Service for the Blessing of a Marriage.

Weddings are generally on Saturdays but we may well be able offer alternative days if required.
Our church will seat 200 people comfortably and up to 250 “cosily!”

Costs will vary slightly, depending on what is required but the total cost is normally around £615.

NOTE: On July 9th, 2016, the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church, accepting that there is no common mind within our denomination regarding same-sex marriage, declared that local Church Meetings should have the authority to make the decision whether or not to have their church building registered for the marriages of same-sex couples.  

Our church is licensed for marriages of men and women.  Currently we are not licensed to conduct the marriages of same sex couples.  We can advise you of other United Reformed Churches in the area whose premises are so licensed. 


We can hold a funeral service in our church, to be followed by Committal at either a burial ground or crematorium. Or we can hold a Service of Thanksgiving after the Committal has taken place. If you would like a church service, then it is very important to speak to the Minister first, before making arrangements with an Undertaker, as our church building is not always available. It is possible to hire the halls for a reception after the service and that also needs to be coordinated with the availability of the church.

Our Ministers are also willing to conduct funeral services at Crematorium Chapels or Burial Grounds, if requested.

The fees for funerals will depend on what is required but these are always made clear at the outset.

Please make all enquiries regarding a Baptism, Wedding or Funeral to the Minister, who will be glad to help and advise you. Contact us, using the Contact page of this web-site.