TGIS for children and young people

Welcome to TGIS, our Junior Church. We have different groups so that we can learn at a level suited to our age.

We have the Fireflies who are aged  0-3. In this group we play with lots of fun toys and we read simple Bible stories.

We move to Neons in  September after our 3rd birthday where we have lots of fun doing craft activities and we listen to lots of exciting stories and do lots of  colouring.

Once we start in year 3 at school we move into a group called Sparklers. Here we have fun learning about Jesus through craft, cooking, singing and lots more.

Once we outgrow these groups at the end of year 6 we are able to move into Plugged In. Here we take turns planning our own sessions with our   leaders help. We still have fun and do craft activities while learning more about Jesus.

We like to get involved in the life of the Church so we regularly come up with ideas as to how we can take part in the service and twice a year, with our  leaders help, we plan and run the service.

We like to welcome new friends into our groups.



We currently have a vacancy for a Youth and Childrens Worker at St Johns. Click here for more details