Who are we?

St John’s Church stands on the corner of Lynwood Grove and Mayfield Avenue and many residents recognise it as their “local church”.

What is a Christian Church? Who are we?

First of all ….. we  are not:

  • people who think we know all the answers
  • people who talk in different languages, wear different clothes and bear no resemblance to anyone you would want to know.
  • people who want to take over your lives or brainwash your children

But we are:

  • people who want to provide space and time for others to ask questions about God and develop their understanding of God
  • people who care about children and who are concerned about the kind of society they are growing up in
  • people who care deeply about peace and justice in the world

St John’s is a United Reformed Church and we welcome all who want to come at any time to ask about anything they would want to know.