8th Orpington Beavers

Informative, engaging and action-packed evenings are at the very core of our planning process for Beavers. Since Ben and I took the reins last year, as well as all our games and badge work, we’ve also been incredibly keen to welcome speakers in, not only to give the boys a break from our own voices but to           explore intricate areas of expertise. This year we’ve been fortunate enough to welcome two fascinating speakers to Beavers.  Moloy [aka Kieran’s Dad] who inducted a crew of junior optometrists for a medical evening of wisdom and insight.  As well as Ross, a former 8th Venture, who de-mystified the world of an undercover police detective for an incredible evening featuring riot suits, his police vehicle, handcuffs and fingerprint sampling.  Both evenings were fantastic and myself and Ben learnt just as much as the boys. 

Beavers is an ongoing pleasure of ours to run and thanks to some incredible support, we’re always motivated to make every year even more exciting and educative. Please enjoy the attached photo highlights from our guest-evenings!

As always though, it’s important to maintain a healthy waiting list for the group… So if you know of anyone between 5-8yrs and you think they'd be interested in Beavers, don’t hesitate to contact us