Accessible Christianity


Given that the majority of people nowadays  seldom, if ever, set foot in a church and know nothing about the Christian faith, the only way they are likely to learn anything true about it is by talking with you!

The Elders recently looked at the kind of questions/challenges we might face as we go about our everyday lives. They were not easy to answer, especially as we are generally totally unprepared for what is coming.

So, we thought we would give you the opportunity to think and talk about these questions in the privacy of your own home, with a friend or in a House Group. There will be two questions per month over the next seven months. See how you get on.

You are about to start a new job and your employer is speaking,

“Hm, I’ve just been looking at your CV again. Your qualifications and experience are excellent, and I am sure we shall get on well.  Just one word of warning - I see you have stated that you are a practising Christian.   Well, don’t go practising too much round here.   We are a business, not a charity and we are here to work not to pray.  No-one will want to listen to religious chat.”

A working colleague, whom you have known for some years is talking to you,

“My best friend’s daughter has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer.   She is 27 and has a baby daughter.   How can your God allow something like this to happen?”