Brownies on Holiday Again

The Brownies go on holiday – again !!!

They should have gone in March, but the weather wasn’t nice,                                                                                                                         Two days before, the snow came down, the roads were covered in ice,                                                                                                           Then Sainsbury’s said “No way, my friends, we’re not delivering there!”                                                                                                   So everything was cancelled – oh it really was unfair!

So Tawny Owl promised that she’d try to book again,                                                                                                                            They’d go in June, it should be warm, oh please don’t let it rain!                                                                                                             And so it was, one warm June night, eleven Brownies came together,                                                                                                   With sunhats, sunscreen, water bottles, to enjoy the summer weather.

The Leaders conquered cobwebs, banished beetles, vanquished spiders,                                                                                                   A Fire Drill was carried out, “We must do that as Guiders!”                                                                                                                   Then out to play – the field was huge, with trees and grass and swing                                                                                                   The only things that spoilt it were the insects and their stings!

Hot chocolate, and then bed time, and a miracle occurred,                                                                                                                      They settled down and went to sleep, and not a sound was heard!                                                                                                         They slept until the morning, and the leaders, they slept too,                                                                                                                Cooked breakfast went down very well, “Now come on, form a queue!”

So jobs were done, and bowls were washed – they dried well in the sun,                                                                                               And crafts were tried, and trees explored – great fun for everyone!                                                                                                                A quiet time came after lunch, to read, or think or doze,                                                                                                                                 Then someone had a bright idea - a Brownie talent show!

First dinner, then, what can’t be missed, a campfire, songs and s’mores                                                                                                 The sun still shone, the air was warm, who’d want to be indoors?                                                                                                           Hot milk and biscuits, time for bed, with everyone tired perhaps?                                                                                                            But not before a giggling fit made Tawny Owl collapse!

A second peaceful night ensued, no stirring until eight,                                                                                                                                  And croissants, toast and jam made sure that they were all awake,                                                                                                              A visit to the shop to buy some presents to take back,                                                                                                                               Then clearing up and packing, and just time for one last snack!

And suddenly the time had come for everything to end,                                                                                                                           They finished with the talent show, oh what a great weekend!                                                                                                                     So time to go, and like last year, they chanted this refrain –                                                                                                                           “Oh Tawny Owl, that was just great – when can we go again?”

Cudham Shaws Outdoor Centre .......  June 22nd – 24th  2018