Easter at St John’s

Maundy Thursday Meal

We broke up from school on Maundy Thursday and after my piano lesson, we went straight to church.  Some children were making the Easter Garden, some children were making bonnets and some were making decorations for the garden.  We had the option of cup cakes, lemon drizzle cake and hot cross buns for a snack (l had lemon drizzle cake) and then we carried on what we were doing and some did a different activity

Then the adults started to arrive for the meal.  Some children left but me, Amy, Eli and Esther helped greet people that were coming.  We all ate bread, cheese, pate and fruit.  Then we told the Easter story and had holy communion.  We went in to church and finished the Easter story.  Afterwards we showed Paulette the garden, helping her touch all the different things and explaining what they were.  We all had a very good time.  The end      Tara Kelly

Easter at St John's Church

This Easter we have seen some truly amazing activities and involvement with our children and youth.  Huge thanks goes to Yvonne Veal for her organisation of the Maundy Thursday Easter Garden - we had a fantastic amount of children attend having fun creating the Garden itself, making some beautiful crafts as well as asking and discussing some very interesting questions such as "why is Good Friday called "good" when bad things happened?"  It was also really lovely to have them share in and be a part of our supper and worship afterwards.    Thank you Yvonne and thanks also to Maureen, Margaret, Lizzy and Annette for their help as well.

Easter Saturday was our annual Easter Family Party where we had over 50 children and their families attend, take part in some fantastic crafts, listen to the Easter Story, share in a wonderful tea and have great fun with an Easter Egg hunt! 

I've had quite a few wonderful emails from parents expressing their thanks and I know that all had a fantastic time. Grateful thanks goes to all the amazing helpers who enabled this event to take place!       Charlotte Leonard