Fun Club Sleepover

One Saturday night in April the Fun Club held what is known as a Sleepover in the church halls.  In actual fact there wasn’t too much sleep involved until around 8.00 am on Sunday morning when everybody had totally succumbed to exhaustion.

The children arrived on Saturday at around 4.00 pm and made their own evening meal in three groups.  They made spaghetti Bolognese with peas followed by chocolate brownies and ice cream under expert tuition from Annette Mace, Sam Stuart and Yvonne Veal.  After dinner the children          undertook a variety of Task Master challenges set by Clare Veal with Shana Lee, Eva Rowe and Yvonne Veal joining the children’s teams.  Then Ellie Blaney and Shannon Hattley organised some parachute games which meant that the adults were able to clear up. 

The children then got into their pyjamas and gathered in The Link for hot chocolate and the story of Old Ebenezer as told by Yvonne Veal. The            children cleaned their teeth and made their way upstairs to bed.  The boys slept in one room and the girls in another room with the leaders in the room in-between.  Everybody had sleeping bags or duvets and pillows as well as roll mats or airbeds to sleep on.  The adults wished the children good night and got into bed expecting to have a reasonable night’s sleep.  How foolish was that!!  The children shrieked with laughter, shouted, screamed, got up so many times to go to the toilet that we assumed they had weak bladders. 

After a while one little boy knocked on the leader’s door to complain that the other boys were making so much noise that he couldn’t get to sleep!  The leaders weren’t able to sleep either in spite of going into each room numerous times to ask them to be quiet.  Eventually everybody did fall asleep.

Yvonne woke when she heard a strange noise which she realised was the doorbell.  Yvonne went downstairs in her dressing gown to find Clare Veal and Margaret Collins trying to get in to prepare breakfast.  Everybody else was still asleep!  Yvonne got washed and dressed and went to wake the others. There were lots of groans and a few moans.  They all quickly got up once they learned they had pancakes for breakfast and not scrambled eggs as they had believed.  Margaret and Clare had cooked a lovely breakfast for everyone.

Then it was time to pack their bags and roll up their bedding.  Some tired children were collected by their parents at around 10.00 am on Sunday morning whilst others joined Sparklers in church.  Everybody had a lot of fun even if they didn’t have a lot of sleep thanks to all the adults who so kindly gave up their time to help.

Yvonne Veal