At the Church Parade in January we launched our year of Church and World fundraising which is to be for a secondary school in Malawi, as agreed at the Church Meeting in October.  We were joined at the service by Mark and Sara Goodman, trustees of the charity, and many members had the opportunity to talk with them after the service.  Shortly after visiting us, Mark and Sara travelled to Malawi to look at the proposed site of the secondary school, and to meet with those involved in the building of it.  They also visited some of the other schools where the charity has carried out vital work in creating classrooms, libraries and toilet blocks, and were pleased to report that the education of the  children is improving.

Below is a report from them:

The 1,700 children at Mpemba School in rural Malawi continue to be grateful for the Phala Porridge they receive every day. The  library which we opened in 2014 has made a massive difference to the school. It was the first library in rural Blantyre, an area with 160 primary schools.  Last year the school performed best in the area, sending more students to national secondary schools than any other school.                                                                                    

We were in Malawi this week setting up a sponsorship scheme for some of these children who wouldn't be able to go to secondary school without support.  Mpemba, like most schools in the area, lacks classrooms and desks with many classes taking place outside.  The year 8 class has 195 students in one class. Despite this they are very bright, hard working happy children who are very grateful.  Thank you to all those who support these projects.

We have lots of exciting events planned for the year, and hope that all of the St John’s Community will get involved in the project. 

Alix and Ian Purton

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