Malawi One Year On

Malawi One Year On

At the start of 2018, during the first church parade of the year, the uniformed organisations joined together to perform a version of the House that Jack Built, showing how important education and schools is for the  children in Malawi.  We were launching our year of fundraising to help build a toilet block at a new secondary school in Chipwepwete near Blantyre, and had set ourselves a target of £8000.

During the year the community of St John's has pulled together to help raise money.  There have been much publicised events such as the Quiz Night( £815.20 ) the Community Fun Day, the Auction of Promises ( £ 1014.50 ) the Autumn Fair ( £2327.69 ) and the Ceilidh ( £600 ) which have brought in the bulk of the money.  But there have also been smaller initiatives going on that have helped to boost the funds, and we want to recognise those people and groups.

*A raffle was held at the Italian Night and raised £300   .....  *The Sunday night quiz team made up of some of our young adults decided they would give us any winnings they achieved and they did, on many occasions bringing in a total of £ 421

*The Uniformed organisations were each given a bottle of OneWater and asked to fill it with coins once they had drunk the water and they did, with 20 assorted Rainbows, Brownies, Beavers, Guides, a leader and a pre-school child collecting a total of £ 236.22   .....  *One of our elders challenged us with a quiz about Malawi raising £48

*The Brownies held a chocolate and book sale after church in December selling items that were left over from the Autumn Fair raising a total of £ 101   ..... *One church member put a collection box in her downstairs toilet so that when guests spent a penny, they literally did! raising a total of £ 12.20

*Another member organised a World Cup prediction competition for their colleagues and raised £215  .....  *The Rainbows surprised their leaders and parents with their ability to stay silent during their sponsored event in November raising £ 100  .....   *Various members of the community gave their time and resources to provide the services 'bought' in the promises auction, and many will be fulfilling this promise after the fundraising year has ended.  In   addition, members from all areas of the church community have given items to sell, and raffle, as well as their time to help at events.

*Members of the church chose to make monetary donations to mark special occasions, or because they weren't able to help at, or attend the events raising a total of £ £381.36  .....  *A member organised and hosted a charity golf day raising £222   .....  *After the Sunday services people have thrown their loose change of pennies, and 2p coins into the collection buckets at the door raising a total of £ 252.88  .....   *The ladies and gentlemen at Friendship Club, and Men of Leisure have hosted sales of books and other items and between them have contributed £ 150

*The book sale after church raised £42.  These will now become regular events as we have a good collection of books in storage - others can be  donated if you have any.   .....  * A church member who was a former Phoenix Cards agent sold her surplus stock to colleagues and friends raising £154.30  .....   * Gift Aid forms have been completed by 40 people, enabling a further 25% of their donations to be reclaimed.  If you haven't done so, but would like to complete one of these, please see Alix or Ian Purton - your £4 donation of loose change over the year could increase to £5 with one! 

*We held retiring collections at the Candlelight Service, Midnight Service and Christmas morning service specifically for the feeding programmes in the schools we work with.  £ 346 was donated at these, and as a result, 28 children will receive a meal of phala every day for the next year ( at a cost of £12 per year )

So, now the moment we have all been waiting for.....the total for the year   .....  £ 8520.29

This is fantastic, as it gives us some spare cash to allow for any increase in building costs that might occur.  Rest assured that any money not used on the building project will still go to the school in the form of funding meals for the pupils.

Building work doesn't happen quickly in Malawi, but the land has been cleared, and the foundations have been started. As we get updates from the site we will share them with you. We will be returning to Malawi to see the finished school, so will definitely be sharing photos and news from that visit. 

On behalf of the children of Malawi -  a huge  Chichewa Thank you - Zikomo!