Minister’s April Letter

Dear Friends,

                    Firstly, may I wish you a very Happy Easter. This Newsletter is due out on Sunday 1st April, which is Easter Sunday this year. I hope that you will experience the joy and renewed life of Easter.

 You will see from the list of church services that we shall be really getting to grips with the concept of Walking the Way: Living the life of Jesus today. The national United Reformed Church launched the original concept but our Synod is creating a programme of worship and study material based on the book, “Holy Habits” by Andrew Roberts. (There are 3 copies of this in our Church Library) Holy Habits are things followers of Jesus do and always have done as they seek to live out their Christian lives. The list of Holy Habits is taken from the description of what the first Christians did in Acts 2, verses 42-47 and each is well worth thinking about in terms of 21st century living.

The Worship and Faith Development Teams compiled a list of topics that we might find useful to explore within each Holy Habit. The Elders then added most of the questions submitted by people for our Food And Questions Harvest lunch. “It seems a shame not to use them” say the people who will not have to preach about them…..

But having had my little “meow,” I hope you have noticed how those  questions are also being addressed in our Newsletters as the Elders invite four different people to answer the same question.  The first set were   fascinating and I am looking forward to the rest.  Maybe the sermons will not be that difficult after all:  “As you will have read in the Newsletter…..” 

Each Holy Habit will be explored over a period of 6 — 8 weeks and I would like to give you all the opportunity of asking questions/suggesting issues that might be explored.

The first-Biblical Teaching — has had to be set in place already but the second—Fellowship — is still open to suggestions.  Topics suggested thus far are:

Generally, Jesus appeared to his disciples when they were together.   Why?

Is it possible to be a Christian without belonging to a church?

The “loneliness epidemic” in the UK today.  How is the church called to help?

How far can we honestly say that “all are welcome?”

How are worship and fellowship linked?

Being part of a fellowship helps us hear others points of view -  testing ideas

Jesus did all/most of his teaching to the crowd as well as the disciples .
Why do some Christians restrict the rights of others of a different gender, race, sexuality?

Can someone be a Christian and not come to church?

So if you have any particular thoughts or questions about the Holy habit of Fellowship, please do let me know. I cannot promise to include everything but it is always helpful to know what other people are thinking or wondering.

God bless you all as we walk the way of Christ together,

Jennifer Millington