Minister’s February Letter

Dear Friends,

                   February is generally a fairly quiet month.  Christmas and New Year Celebrations are finished with and most of the things we have put off “until after Christmas” have been either dealt with or mysteriously disappeared from our radar.  Lent, Mothering Sunday, Holy Week and Easter are yet to come.  So what is there for me to write about?  I checked the diary…..

8th February: a Quiet Day. A time to sit in stillness, read, think, pray. I don’t mind admitting that it is the kind of event to which I come with a certain reluctance, thinking of my never-ending to-do list and that it is the kind of event I come away from feeling that I could not possibly have spent my time in any better way.   It has a seriously “re-charging” effect in a busy life.   

12th February: an open meeting for Churches Together in  Orpington.  Recently these meetings have not been “business  meetings” for special representatives of each church but open,  vision-sharing gatherings to which anyone with a passion for God’s work in Orpington (and elsewhere) may come.   It is here that plans were made for the starting up of Street Pastors;   where plans are even now being made for a Homeless Shelter;  where plans are shared for the Transform Bromley Borough initiatives and much more.  

29th February:  An Indian Supper.  An opportunity to get together with friends and fellow church members and enjoy ourselves.  Even Jesus was in the habit of relaxing with his most devout disciples.  Time to “lighten up” can be a real source of renewed joy and  energy in our Church life.    

In a “quiet month” here are three opportunities to do something different. We are still in the season of Epiphany, celebrating the guiding, inspiring light of God in our lives.  Maybe one of these events will present you with your own “Epiphany Moment…..”

Of course, all the ongoing work and worship of our church will continue, including some exciting plans for our worship programme which will be presented to Church Meeting on Sunday 8th March   ( 12 noon-1pm ). May February be a good month for you all and a month in which God              continues to inspire and empower our church life in His name.

With love and good wishes to you all,

Jennifer Millington