Minister’s May Letter

Dear Friends,

                    Thank-you so much to those of you who braved the snow to     attend our Church meeting on Sunday 18th March.  There was a point at which we thought we might not even have the necessary “quorum” present to hold a meeting but enough determined church members turned up to allow this to happen.

And thank-you even more for being brave enough to make the decision you did.  It was agreed by this Church meeting that we should begin actively   seeking a youth pastor/ youth and family worker to engage in ministry at our church.   It was a brave decision because it will require a great deal of faith and commitment to make it happen.

A small group of already over-committed people are exploring the kind of youth ministry this church needs in the hopes of being able to bring back some serious proposals for a job description to our AGM on 16th May.

To enable them to do this, they have called on a few more over-committed people from different age groups within our church to answer some questions about what we do well and where we might be more      effective.

Church members who attend our AGM will need to be prepared to think hard, listen carefully and be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit as we decide what kind of youth ministry is needed by this church.

Assuming that a job description is agreed upon, we shall ALL be called upon to pray long and hard that the right person may be called to take up this work.  Good youth pastors are not always easy to find but  every single person in our church is able to pray.

There will be a level of financial commitment (we shall need to pay this person!) about which we shall all need to think very carefully.

And there will be a level of personal commitment to what may well be (and need to be ) new ways of working and doing things within our church.  

At a recent Elders’ Meeting we were invited to talk together about the times when we, personally, had made “a leap of faith,” that is, done something we had never done before because we believed that this was what God wanted us to do.

Christian history is shaped by people like us who took a leap of faith, whether within the church or out in the wider world because they believed that this was what God was calling them to.   And without a good many of these leaps of faith we would not be in St John’s Church today.

It is always useful to borrow vision-building exercises, team-building     exercises, strategic planning and goal-setting from the business world when we consider the future of our church.  But there is one big difference to be borne in mind:  the life of faith is an adventure.  We never know where it will lead us.  We can set targets for making our work and witness more effective but we can never predict where this will ultimately take us. God has a way of telling his people to take the first two steps before He tells them in which direction the next two steps are to go.

So please come together in thought, planning and prayer as we seek the  appointment of some kind of “youth pastor” to work in our church and in our neighbourhood.  Be ready for an adventure and who knows who will be looking back and thanking God for our leap of faith one day?

With love and good wishes to you all,

Jennifer Millington