Minister’s October Letter

Dear Friends,

                      After a great deal of thought, discussion, hard work and prayer, our application for funding to help with the employment of a Youth Pastor has now been submitted to the Synod “Turn The Tide” committee.   By the time you read this Newsletter, I am hoping that we shall have a response (positive!) and so be able to proceed.  The next step will be to advertise the post;  followed by interviewing applicants;  and then-who knows, we may be looking forward to welcoming someone whom we believe God has called to work with us in our church.

I would like to thank all those of you who came to our Church meetings this year and joined in the discussions so that a decision could be made.  I would also like especially to thank Charlotte Leonard, Lizzie Howells, Amy Smit, Fiona Drysdale, Jackie Bebbington and Rose Patterson all of whom made space in impossibly busy schedules to work hard on preparing the necessary documents to be presented to Church Meeting and to Turn The Tide.  There was a lot of professional expertise as well as strong Christian commitment in that group for which I was most grateful.

What do we all do now?  Johnstone Brown, our Church Treasurer, will be speaking at our Church Meeting on 28th October (12noon-1pm) with some suggestions as to how we raise the money which will need to come from St John’s.  This will obviously be a challenge for us all to which I know everyone will respond according to their own situations.

Perhaps equally, if not more important, we need your prayers.

To pray for something means that, in some way, you are taking “ownership” of a situation in which you ask for God’s help.

If you are praying for the right appointment of a Youth Pastor then you will be claiming your place as member or friend of our church and claiming your share of responsibility for our church’s work and witness.

If you are praying about this, then you will be more likely to take a positive, welcoming attitude to anyone appointed, believing that this is someone whom God has called.

You may be someone who feels totally out of touch with the younger generations;  you may be someone who feels “allergic”  to anyone under the age of 18;  you may feel that you have “done your bit” working with children and young people and it is now someone else’s job.  None of this is necessarily a “bad” way to feel but this proposed step forward is not just about children and young people;  it is about the future of our church;  about making a safe and welcoming space where future generations can explore their faith as we have been privileged to explore and grow in our own.  Jesus said, “Freely you have received;  freely give.”  Please be as generous in your prayers for the  appointment of a Youth Pastor as others have been in their prayers for you through your faith journey.

“Somebody prayed for me;  had me on their mind took some time to pray for me.                                                                                                                                                                                             I’m so glad they prayed.  I’m so glad they prayed. I’m so glad they prayed for me.”      

With love and good wishes to you all

Jennifer Millington