Ofsted Inspection at Preschool

OFSTED Inspection at Preschool

Towards the end of January the Preschool was inspected by OFSTED as  part of a 3-4 year cycle. It seems that every year the bar Preschools have  to jump gets higher, so we were delighted to retain our ‘Good’ status.

The inspectors (we had 2 this time – an Inspector inspecting the             Inspector!) arrived at 8.30am, and left at 2pm, having grilled staff, the Leader, the Administrator and the Chair of the Management Committee about everything from the children’s learning outcomes to the measures the Preschool would take during a terrorist attack, children’s snacks, and the qualifications of the staff.  No stone, it seemed was left unturned.

The final written report was good:

“Staff provide a wide range of suitable activities to enhance children's   learning.  Smaller group activities are particularly well organised.”

“On arrival in the morning, staff are very welcoming and children quickly and happily engage in the available activities.  Outcomes for children are good”

“Children are confident to choose where they want to play and behaviour is very good.”

“Staff develop strong partnerships with parents to meet children’s needs. Parents highly commend the way that staff help children settle in when they start at the Preschool.  Parents are also very happy with how well their   children improve in their learning.”

A very big thank you must go to Belinda Shotton the Leader, Bebbington the Administrator, and to the rest of the staff for all their hard work throughout the year.

You can find a copy of the full report on the Preschool’s website, which can be accessed from the St John’s website.

Margaret Collins