Sunday Fun Club

On May 21st we made two different types of pot from clay and then everybody except Eli painted their pots.  Eli didn't want to paint his so I  suppose he liked the grey colour of the clay

We made two types of pot from clay at Sunday Fun Club in May.   We made coil pots and also thumb pots and then we painted them.   It was great fun.

Justine came to Sunday Fun Club.  She is an expert pottery teacher so was able to show us all how to make two different types of pot.   Wendy, David Rowe, Carol Hepden and Ann Bone all helped those of us who found it a bit difficult, which was actually most of us so they were kept very busy.

At Sunday Fun Club in May we ate jacket potatoes with cheese, coleslaw or baked beans followed by yoghurt.  Then we made and painted pots out of clay and last of all we helped to pack up.

At Sunday Fun Club we did clay modelling.  We made pots and painted them.  It was a bit hard when the clay got dry which it did quite quickly as it was a hot day.  Everybody managed to make two pots although some were quite a bit better than others.  I don't think we did too bad for     beginners.   It was nice to learn something new.

At Sunday Fun Club in May we were taught clay modelling.  We made thumb pots and coil pots.  It was hard to do so it was good that every table had an adult helper allocated to it although some of the adults also found it hard as they were newcomers to this craft just like us.  Most of us ended up with at least one great pot!

We were taught how to make clay pots by Justine at Sunday Fun Club in May.  It took a long time to make and paint two pots so the only other thing we had time for was to eat our jacket potatoes for lunch.

Yvonne's  friend called Justine came to Fun Club in May and showed us all how to make different type of pots out of modelling clay.  It was most enjoyable and we succeeded in making some good pots in the end.  Thank you Justine and all the Fun Club leaders for a great day!

I really enjoyed making the clay pots at Sunday Fun Club today.  I hope that  Justine can visit again and teach us to make some more things.  It would be great if she was to bring her potters wheel as I would love to have a go on one of those.

Members of the Sunday Fun Club