Sunday Fun Club Visit

Sunday Fun Club went to visit Orpington Fire Station with their leaders after the Remembrance Day service. 

When we arrived, we were shown into a conference room where we able to sit down while three  firefighters from Blue Watch talked to us. 

We learnt about the dangers of fireworks  including sparklers and bonfires and the  firefighters emphasised that the young  people in Fun Club should never be lighting any of the above.  Then they told us what to do in the case of a fire in our home. We learnt that the average time for the fire  engine to get to a home in the Orpington area is 6 minutes.  Then we were shown smoke alarms and they explained how important it is to have a smoke alarm in the right place in your home.  The fire service will go to your home and fit a smoke alarm free of charge and it could save your life.  Then they talked about how to call the fire service. 

The young people asked lots of questions and they were all answered.

The firefighters then took us out to look at the 2 fire appliances and showed us everything in the lockers.  It was amazing to        discover how much was carefully packed in. We saw the hoses, the axes, ropes, first aid equipment, oxygen masks, mechanised  cutting tools, spanners etc.  We learnt that all this equipment and the engines themselves are checked every day and also after every call out.  The young people were then  delighted to be allowed to climb into the           engines. Next one of the fire fighters came down the “slippery pole” and they told us about the accommodation upstairs.

The lady firefighter drove one of the engines out and turned it around so it was in the yard and we were then all able to try holding one of the smaller fire hoses and aim it at a large plastic dustbin. Of course, this was great fun

We finished by going into the operations room where we got to hear the alarm that goes off to call the fire fighters. We saw the detailed print out that tells them what is known about the call out and the map on the wall showing the Orpington area and learnt that they use map co-ordinates not a sat nav to find locations.    Some of the youngsters asked about becoming firefighters and were told about the fire cadets organisation and the need to work hard to have good levels of maths English and fitness if they want to be fire fighters. 

We thanked the firefighters for everything that they had shown us and were given some leaflets to take home with us.  Some very excited young people joined their parents who had come to collect them.

Yvonne Veal