Sunday Fun Club

In July Sunday Fun Club went on their first weekend  camp. There were 16 children and lots of helpers. We all had a fantastic time and the kids were amazing.  Some of the children wanted to share their experiences with you....

When we went to camp we had a bonfire and cooked marshmallows on the fire. Also we went in swimming pool even though it was freezing cold! Yvonne taught us a song called brainbox it goes like this. "This is my brainbox have nothing to fear, my brainbox and eyeballs and nose sniffer and teeth strainer and neck stretcher and chest protector and bread basket and knee bender and toe kicker  and TICKIE TICKIE TOO that's what I learnt when I went to school."
By Ronny 

My favourite thing at camp was sleeping in a dark place and telling ghost stories. I liked spending time in my tent at night, we had fun using our torches like disco lights. I also enjoyed playing with my friends and having a bonfire. My favourite drink was hot chocolate and my favourite food was my birthday cake (I had my birthday at camp). I loved everything about camp! By Acacia 

My favourite thing at camp was when we went for little walks because we were with our friends and it felt like an adventure.

My other favourite thing was when we had the bonfire because we all had a great time and we all got to sing songs, have marshmallows and biscuits and one of the helpers told us stories.     By Llilly