Sunday Fun Club

SUNDAY FUN CLUB     A Club for children aged 6 to 11 years 

Our Children    Sunday Fun Club is for children aged 6-11 years. Some of the children attend church on a regular basis, others are members of our uniformed organisations and some only attend Sunday Fun Club.    All children are equally welcome.

Our Leaders   We have a good mix of male and female leaders who are all DBS checked. We always have aqualified first aider present. We also have leaders who have experience of working with children with special needs. We sometimes have a guest leader who is able to offer special skills such as when we held a clay workshop.

Our Activities    Every session we eat a simple meal together where emphasis is placed on serving one another and listening to each other. Our activities include: craft, cooking, singing, drama, games, and group activities. We have an annual weekend camp in Otford and a sleepover which is held in the hall plus various special activity days such as a cook-in and a clay workshop.

Meeting Times:   We meet once a month on a Sunday from 12.0 until 2.15 pm in the Morton Hall   We have some spaces at the moment as some of our older members have become old enough to attend The Place If your child would like to join us further information can be obtained by emailing

For more information please contact us