Lent Course

Holiness and Hope in a Hostile World

Sunday Evenings  6:00 to 7:30pm

Imagine this: a local church where a group of faithful, kind and well-meaning Christian believers meet for prayer and worship;  care and fellowship.

They love their church and they love Jesus Christ but most of the people in their lives and in their neighbourhoods think they are (a) deluded, (b) crazy, or (c) potentially dangerous.

They need someone to give them some reassurance and some good advice. 

Sound ever- so- slightly familiar to you?

Then come and join us as we read Paul’s letter to the church in Thessalonica and see whether what he had to say to them can help and inspire us now.

18th February: 1 Thessalonians 1, verses 1—10      Christian Mission: Passing it On.

How does this happen in a society where most people simply  do not want to know?

25th February: I Thessalonians 2, verses 1—16      Christian Imitation: Pleasing to God.

How might others notice the difference our faith makes to our lives?

4th March: I Thessalonians 2,verses 17—3,verse 13 Christian Friendship: Longing to share.

How far can we go in “befriending” others?

11th March: 1 Thessalonians 4,verses 1—12                   Christian Holiness: Living it out.

How are our moral standards shaped by our faith?

18th March: I Thessalonians 4,verse 13—5,verse 11   Christian Hope: Waiting with confidence

Do we / can we have a long-term hope for our world?                    How do we feel about our own mortality?

25th March: 1 Thessalonians 5, verses 12—28               Christian Community: Walking with Others

Do you need to go to church in order to be a Christian?

You are welcome to join in as many of these sessions as you are able. Please sign the list on the Fellowship Noticeboard if you hope to come along, so that we have some idea of how much cake to supply ….. 

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