Book Group

Book Group :  Meeting 17th September

Book to read:  "The Circle" by Dave Eggers

We meet on the third Monday most months;   we all read the same book, and then discuss it.  Various members come up with suggestions, then we all decide between us which books to read. 


All the books have some spiritual dimension – however tenuous the link, such as one of the characters is a vicar...  We have read novels, biography, testimony and more.  Some light, some challenging.  The most interesting discussions happen when we disagree about a book, but we always find something to say!

What we do all agree is that it has encouraged us to read books we would never otherwise have considered.

We would love some new members.  You don’t have to be a church member to be a part of the Book Group, and you don't have to commit to coming every month. 

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