Harvest Festival and Lunch

Harvest Festival and Harvest Lunch

Sunday 14th October, at 10.30am

As usual we will be receiving gifts at the  Harvest Festival Service for Bromley Borough Foodbank

This year we are recognised as a  ‘breakfast church’

so anything that would normally be consumed at breakfast time is requested.   This gives fairly wide scope for  urgently needed supplies such as

cereals and porridge, ....... jam and marmalade, ....... Tea, coffee and long life milk  .......                                         long life fruit juice.

This will specifically help the Foodbank to build up stocks of food items that are most frequently provided to those in need.

Cash donations can also be made at the Harvest Lunch, so see Dave Thomas’s article about reserving a ticket.  If you cannot make the lunch you can still make a donation whilst you are having coffee after the service.     Many thanks from the Foodbank  for helping us to help others.      Andrew Clare

Harvest Lunch

This year’s Harvest Lunch will be a cold buffet style on a ‘bring and share’ basis.

We will be putting a list on the Fellowship Noticeboard for people to select item(s) they will bring on the day.

We expect to include menu items such as quiches, pies, cocktail sausages, sausage rolls,  vegetarian alternatives, various types of salad, cheeses and (of course) desserts.

So please look out for the list and sign up.

Seats will be by tickets (free), and any donations made on the day   will be collected in aid of Foodbank.