Sunday Fun Club Disco

Sunday Fun Club--- Disco

Meeting:  Usually after Parade Services from 12:00 until 2:00pm

The Sunday Fun Club is for school year 3 – 6 and offers children a time to meet and make friends of their own age in a happy atmosphere where there are a variety of stimulating activities.  The club takes place in the large Morton Hall.

Cooking  -  Craft activities – Making music  -  Games  -  A chance to find acting skills in organised Dramas – and of course a Lunch is provided.

In Praise of Sunday Fun Club by one of its members.

"Sunday Fun Club is for children in School Years 3 - 6 and is in the Morton Hall usually after Church  Parade Services. 

There are children from TGIS, Brownies and others that I know from my school.  Sometimes we make small craft things to do with stories from the Bible, we play games and do different activities, like painting T-shirts and decorating biscuits.  One time we went bowling at  Orpington Super Bowl and had lots of fun.   We always have a really yummy lunch too.  I like going because we always do something different and make new friends."   

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