Worship at St John's

“It is not what you think you believe; it is not what you say you believe; it is what you actually believe that directs and shapes your life. Worship - facing up to the reality of God - enables us to work out what we really believe and to receive inspiration as to how our beliefs might transform our lives. As we continue with “Walking the Way: Living the life of Jesus today,” we are exploring the “Holy Habits” practised by the first Christians. How did their faith change the way they lived their lives? And how does the way we live our lives build up -or knock down- our faith? TTT: This Time Tomorrow. As we meet for worship we are challenged to ask what we shall be doing This Time Tomorrow. And what difference will our worship time on Sunday make to what we do on Monday? ”

Our church services at 10:30 am include a monthly celebration of Holy Communion (in which all are invited to share) and a monthly Church Parade, led by our Minister with one of our children's groups.  There is also a "Sunday Half Hour" at 9:15 am, every other month, which is a quieter and more reflective service.

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Services & Sermons in May