We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith… Hebrews 12:2a

Many people have told me that they find it really challenging to take Jesus to work with them.  What they mean is that while they might start their day with some moments with Jesus, from the moment they step out of their front door, the challenges of the commute, the busyness of their working environments, the demands upon their time and attention and the personalities they have to work alongside all very quickly move them away from being still and knowing God.  What to do if these are your experiences?

Each morning I get up early in the Oratory, say Morning Prayer and then begin to bring the house to life.  One of my first tasks is to create Jayne’s packed lunch.  In much the same way as she takes a packed lunch to work, so we need to consider how we carry Christ to work with us.

In the pressure of contemporary life it’s no wonder that we lose sight of God.  All of us react and respond to the immediate, we all have limited thresholds when it comes to patience and control, hence no surprises that we disappoint ourselves, as well as others, during our day.  What we need are moments when we pause and open our spiritual lunch box and taste once again that the Lord is good.  This helps re-orientate our whole perspective, and invites us for a few brief moments to be still and recover a sense of God’s perspective once more.

Jesus reminds us that as humans we cannot live by bread alone.  The ancients developed the method of interrupting their day with short bursts of prayer together, what the monastics call Daily Offices, to remind themselves that their primary purpose was to serve God in the earth and honour the God image in each other.

Question:  Consider how you take God to work with you each day.  It’s essential that you seek to fix your eyes upon Jesus at all times.

Prayer:  Lord, I will serve you with my whole life including my work.  Help me not leave you at the door of my work but walk the whole day with you.

Extracted from  “Be Still and Know”  Devotionals by Dr Micha Jazz   (Day 312 )