“Rejoice with me, I have found my lost coin.”  Luke 15:9 NIV

Ask people today what item they most dread losing, and the answer is almost always “my mobile”.   With a Smartphone there’s no longer any need to remember phone numbers, read a map, take your camera, or worry about letting people know you will be late. For most people, it’s indispensible, and losing it is a major catastrophe.

You look and look – where did you last use it? You try ringing it, then remember it’s on ‘silent’. You are sure someone has moved it – after all, you “left it where I always do”.

Miraculously, you find your phone! (I have found mine in all sorts of places from the car to my knitting basket!). You are relieved, happy, cross with whoever has moved it, determined not to lose it again, and you share your happiness with others.

One of Jesus’ parables tells of a woman who lost a precious coin. This was her major catastrophe. She searched and searched, lighting a lamp, using up precious oil, then swept and swept, desperate to find it. She was probably poor, and it was worth a great deal to her.

The woman too found her coin. She too was relieved and happy, determined to keep it safe in the future, and she shared her happiness with her neighbours.

Jesus told the story to show how precious we are to God. Sometimes we can be ‘lost’ to God, when things get hard and we find it difficult to believe, but God will not just abandon us.   Like the coin or the Smartphone, we are too important to be ‘lost’!

Question: How would you feel if your most precious possession was lost? Do you ever feel that you’ve ‘lost’ God?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I know I am precious to you, whatever I have done or thought.  Thank you for ‘finding’ me when I get lost.