But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.  Luke 5:16

When I take public transport or take a morning walk with the dog, I have become increasingly aware of humanity’s flight from being either silent or solitary.  Many people of all ages travel or walk with ear buds in and music playing.  My greeting will often go unacknowledged since the person is locked into their own musical world of wonder.  This leaves me wondering how many people find time for themselves, in a place apart from the ceaseless background noises that provide the soundtrack for our daily lives. 

Why silence?  Why solitary?  Because each of us is a unique creation who came into this world alone and we shall depart it alone, despite medical assistance.  However, from the moment we are born until that point of departure, we are surrounded with people and demands upon our lives.  Some of these people and demands are positive, some are negative, and many are mere distractions providing us with a sense of busyness and value associated with doing.  

Many of us surrender control over our lives to other people and the demands of varied activities, and as a result draw value from both interpersonal relationships and task productivity.  Yet, when we fail to take the time to draw aside and recall where we come from, the heart of God itself, we remain captivated by all those mesmerising elements of life, rather than making the effort to follow a lone trail to encounter God who created us and alone knows our core purpose – to love and serve him.

It is only when we take that solitary walk and find the silent space that we stand a chance of remembering who we really are, where we have come from and to whom we shall return.  It is not your title, present success or pain that defines your humanity;  no, it is the relationship you build with the one who made you and who calls you home.

Question:  When was the last time you stepped away from daily ‘noise’ to be alone, solitary and in silence?

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, as I choose to find space and silence, I ask that in your mercy you will come close to me.

Extracted from  “Be Still and Know”  Devotionals by Dr Micha Jazz   (Day 54)